Our Services

At "Aries" we try to mould ourselves to the needs of our clients:-

  • 1. All the staff deployed by us will be well versed with needs of the environment.
  • 2. All the Supervisors will have adequate knowledge of Fire fitting. Training and mock rehearsals to be carried out to test the fitness of the man and equipment for any emergency. OE supplies will be incorporated with consolation of your management from time to time.
  • 3. We shall follow your list of holidays as will be agreed upon.
  • 4. The staff will carry proper identity cards and shall be dressed in uniform.
  • 5. All Statutory payments of the workers would be monitored and controlled by professionals on our payroll on a month to month schedule. It would be our endeavor to reduce to near zero the liability of your organization as the principal employer.
  • 6. The working hours will be divided into shifts of varied hours each including a break for meals and handing over the charge of the shifts.
  • 7. The statutory obligation in respect people engaged by us at your site will be our responsibility.
  • 8. The staff shall maintain discipline and conform to office etiquette.
  • 9. Director Quality Control and House Executives of the company will have regular interaction with the management to ensure that a very high standard of all the services is maintained.

Electro Mechanical Services

Electrical & Mechanical Installation


Liaise with OEM's for:-

  • Breakdown Repairs.
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Overhauling Schedule
  • Carry out routine checks

2. Electrical Installations:-

Brief Functions :-

  • Distribution Panels
  • Lightening Conductors and Power cuts
  • Internal / External Light Fixtures
  • Mtr. Panel
  • Air Cct breaker
  • MCB's
  • Transformers
  • Isolator Switch
  • AC Panels
  • Fire Alarm, Pump, Detector & Panel System

3. Work Schedule Electricians:-


  • * Check Metering
  • * Check Transformers
  • * Check Panel Meter
  • * Check common area electric systems
  • * Check Offices / Conference rooms etc.


* Light Fitting, Exhaust, Fans


* Check Monthly billing ensure corrections


  • * Check earthling of all fittings.
  • * Overhaul HT Cct breaker
  • * Tong tests etc.

Mechanical System - Brief Check List for Maintenance

3. Air Conditioning System

  • Air Handling Units
  • Cooling Plants
  • Fan Coil Units

4.Hydro Pneumatic System

  • Bore well Pumps
  • Water Pumps
  • Air Compressor & Valves

5. DG Sets

  • Diesel Control Panel
  • Diesel Transfer System
  • Cooling Towers
  • Scrubber

Preventive Maintenance - Brief over View

  • Bi - Monthly detail check of functioning of all equipments
  • Regular Checks of belt tension / alignment etc.
  • Checking Oil Levels in equipments
  • Fabricating of Pumps
  • Replacement of bellows in pneumatic tanks
  • Cleaning Sludge tanks and drain pans of AHU
  • Test DG sets daily
  • Recharging / Regenerating treatment plants

Security Services

Our manpower will be based on a detailed evaluation of the Security requirement of the site and consideration with the Security perception of your Management. Our "Field Supervisor" will visit on the alternative days to facilitate the staff will also collect all the in formations and feedbacks.

Brief Scope of Work -

  • (a) Monitor Movement of Personnel & Visitors.
  • (b) Check proper movement of goods coming in and going out of the premises.
  • (c) Safe guarding the property against theft.
  • (d) Conducting Fire Fighting Drills in the factory and handle fire emergencies
  • (e) Recommended Security update at regular intervals for potential Security hazards.
  • (f) Conduct regular alarm system checks as per OEM recommendation
  • (g) Maintain liaison with local police.
  • (h) Maintain Security documents in consultation with the Management.

Note:- The above list is just a few of the comprehensive list of work that need to be undertaken which will be area specific.

Housekeeping Services

1. This would be available Six days a week. Through intensive Services would be provided on Saturdays & Skeletal Services on Sundays on demand.
2. The Services would cover entire building interior, the basement, area within the compound, terrace and other specified areas.
3. The bulk of the work is carried out as per the work schedule made out in consolation with the management. Major work would be done before and after office hours with minimum work staff available during office hours.

Work Schedule

Daily Work Schedule

  • Floor, Glass Panes, other furniture will be maintained.
  • The washrooms in the premises will be attended to minimum four times a day.
  • Ashtrays and Wastepaper baskets will be emptied at regular intervals.
  • Kitchen garbage will be collected after working hours and deposited in the kitchen-designated place.
  • General cleaning of the Office area 2 - 3 times a day.
  • Vacuum / Brushing Carpeted area daily.
  • Stocking of toilets at regular intervals.
  • Dusting and Cleaning of all furniture with silicon spray.
  • Removal of Cobwebs and polishing of floor.

Service Charges - A certain percentage depending on the total billing goes towards our Service Charges for the services provided by us.

Weekly Work Schedule

  • * Polishing of metal surface such as knobs, handles, name board etc.
  • * Carpet and Chair shampoo of floors and offices.
  • * Window and Door sponging from inside and outside.
  • * Cleaning of Blinds, Computers, Fax, Telephones & Photocopier machine.
  • * Polishing of selected areas of floor weekly so as to cover the entire floor area at least once a month if required.
  • * Cleaning of Office Cabinets / Chairs / Sofas through vacuum cleaner.
  • * Cleaning / Washing of floors from basement to terrace.

>Waste Management

  • * Disposal of Daily kitchen / Cafeteria garbage to the designated place.
  • * Disposal of Scrapped paper, old News papers and magazines as per your company rules and regulation.

Glass Curtain

  • * This will be done on all working days.
  • * Special glass maintenance kit and liquid cleanser will be used.

Soft Furnishing

  • * Dry cleaning of carpets and chairs at frequency deem fit by the management usually twice a year.
  • * Spot removal jobs on daily or weekly basis.
  • * Use of Generators to keep the moisture residue to the minimum.

    • Plumbing and Carpentry Jobs

      Plumber will be available six days a week and the Carpentry jobs will be provided on call. The work schedule will be as under: -

      • * Maintain all fixtures and pipes in the toilets.
      • * Maintain supply and drainage pipes.
      • * Inspect manhole to prevent chocking.
      • * Maintain taps, valves, floats etc.
      • * Cleaning schedule of water tanks.
      • * Maintain water pressure in the fire fighting systems.
      • * Maintain storm drains before monsoon in particular.

      Floor Maintenance

      • * Use of Diamond pads for crystallization.
      • * Use of Ph Neutral Chemical.

      Note:- Charges for Shampoo jobs will be forwarded on enquiry.

      Casual Manpower

      Your good self is well aware about indiscipline, insufficient attendance of the regular workers and above all labour unrest, which is a major problem now days in industries.

      We also provide manpower for any type of skilled / unskilled / Personal Labour. The unskilled / semi skilled labour can be utilized for any type of work like loading, unloading, segregating, packing, material for shifting and misc. jobs and semi skilled manpower for daily production or on required basis for daily cleaning and sanitation of the company, as per timings that suit your companies requirement.

      Apart from the above, you will appreciate that the class of workers engaged in these fields come from middle class / lower start of society, who have little knowledge and intelligence about the work they are employed. To over come this we have qualified and well trained staff in their respective fields.

      We not provide training to the employees as per the requirement of our clients, but also keep updating them by giving regular on the job training, keeping checks, etc. It is with great sense of pride that till date we have had no problems / strikes by our employees.

      Our personnel are strictly prohibited to join any union. They are not allowed to mix with other staff members.