About the Company

Aries Corporate Service Pvt. Ltd. (ACSPL) is a fast growing company. Our area of operation spans in Delhi, Gurugram, Manesar, Sitarganj (Uttarakhand), Punjab and Karnataka etc. To have effective Control of the Operations in Gurugram we have a Corporate Office Headed by a full time Director, General Manager, Finance, Operation and Project Execution Team. The company has the Skill and Expertise to provide a complete range of Services in Electro Mechanical Projects (IPDS and DDUGJY), Mechanized Cleaning and Housekeeping Works in DMRC and Private Sectors and providing of in ESIC, skilled and unskilled Labour in various Private Limited Companies.

Selection & Training

Selection Procedure - Right selection of manpower is the first step towards quality Control that we at "Aries" so conscious about. That a full time Director looks into these aspects of Personnel Management. Selection Procedure includes:-

  • (a) Police Verification
  • (b) Medical Examination
  • (c) Documentation including Registration for PF and ESI.

Training of Staff - Nothing can be more important than this very crucial aspect of the Service Industry. We at "Aries" lay a great emphasis on this particular aspect of man Management. Our training program follow the under mentioned structured format:-

Basic Capsule - This is done on recruitment of personnel even they are experienced to make them aware of the Quality of work required in various sites.

Pre Development - This is based on the specific requirement of each new site where the Manpower is required to be deployed.

Refresher Capsules - This is location specific and aims at preventing casualness which may set in among the staff. This is done Bi - Monthly at the site itself.

Quality Control

At "Aries" we control the quality with the very first step i.e. the requirement. The Material used is all of Standard make visits by Field Staff Executives, Directors and the Business Head ensure that the needs of the clients given top priority always. We are conscious of your company's literal name.

Why Aries

Because there are multiple advantages of a single window dispensation of various facilities in a cost effective package as provided by a facilities Manager like us. Added to that are the following advantages:

  • Single point co ordination for all Facilities.
  • Saving your Management time so that you can concrete on your core business.
  • Absolves you of the day to day labour management problems.
  • Absolves you of regulating & fulfilling statutory obligations and Police verification.
  • Preventive Maintenance of various Electro Mechanical Systems & Equipments in accordance with the OEM recommendations and Warranty Clauses.
  • Continuous Training of work force to keep pace with new methods and technologies.
  • Business volume allows us to prune our costs and therefore beneficial to you.

How We Operate

  • Organize our staff to be posted at your premises based on your needs.
  • Make work schedule for each facility in consolation with your management
  • Co - ordinance essential or total Maintenance work on holidays in consolation with your management so that facilities remain in good shape.
  • Devise daily management checks, control and reporting system to keep you informed of the exacting standards of maintenance by us.
  • Use specified material to achieve International Standards.
  • Regular Quality Checks by our Directors and Business Head.

Basic Business Arrangement

  • 1. We would provide all, Combination or Single Service under one roof which can be Comprehensive or Non Comprehensive.
  • 2. Period of engagement would be flexible subject to a minimum of One Year. A two year or more contract period with an inbuilt Quality clause would be more cost effective.
  • 3. The working hours for the staff deployed would be 8 hour in addition to a break of 30 mins. Six days a week and the wages would be structured accordingly. Services provided beyond these working hours and on holidays would be charged extra. However in case of a lump sum arrangement everything is inclusive and is a more economical arrangement with least documentation without compromising on the Quality.
  • 4. The Facilities in Charge would be the single point person to co- ordinate between your management and the work force deployed by us.
  • 5. Terms of Payment
    • (a) All bills to be cleared within seven days of receipt each month.
    • (b) All AMC in a Comprehensive Contract would be payable at the beginning of the Contract.
    • (c) In a Non Comprehensive Contract, the Material Bill if any would be raised at the end of the month.
  • 6. What would have to provide to us at your site
    • (a) Appointment of a Coordinator from your Organization for our Facilities In Charge to interact with
    • (b) Provision PF Operation and Service Manuals of the Electrical / Mechanical Systems.
    • (c) Provide a rest room, PC, telephone and store facility for our workforce and Material.